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Videography & Cinematography

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If you are looking at video only as an option, please reconsider. Every one of our couples cherishes their Ultrafonk wedding video and they tell us about their friends who share regrets about not having their wedding professionally videotaped. Besides helping you re-live your wedding day, it is a meaningful family heirloom that preserves the memory of a gathering of the people that mean most to you in your life and gets passed on to future generations. And think about if you have a family, the joy of letting your kids see “mommy and daddy” walking down the aisle. And one of the options that we offer is to do a video session focusing on how you met.


Most video companies vary their offerings based on the amount of cameras and the type of editing. We also offer you distinctly different options on the methods of how you want your day captured. Do you want your wedding to be more like a documentary that is about an hour long or have more a cinematic view where we are telling your story through our lens that is shortened to about half an hour, more conducive for viewing with others..


Also there is a distinct advantage of choosing our video services in conjunction with photography. They work together as a team, complement each other and coming from the same company have each other’s best interest at heart other than just focusing on their individual service.


Let us show you all the possibilities, click here to make an appointment for a viewing session in our comfortable showroom. To request pricing click here. Have a form promising to send them immediate pricing. You can try to call them for an appointment when receiving the form.


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