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We know you want beautiful photos, an unobtrusive professional who be prompt, have a calming effect and will capture the spontaneity and the flavor of the day. We promise to give you that and more. 


However, there’s more to the total “picture”.


Most studios stubbornly hold on to 20th century business practices and do not acknowledge that technology has changed everything and couples in 2018 have different needs.


They make you purchase an album as part of the package, try to upsell you after the wedding because you are a captive audience. Many couples wait months or even a year to start selecting the photos.

Why should you have to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars in advance for something you are not sure you want? 


With THE DJ EXPERIENCE, the digital files are yours rather than holding them hostage. You have the choice to purchase the album(s) from us after the wedding, buy albums anywhere else or perhaps you have ways you would rather showcase and share your photographs. Want a portrait for your home?  Have that photo enlarged you want go to a local framing store instead of paying inflated prices buying it from a studio. Do your guests want photos? Send them the image.



Most importantly we are reliable, fully insured talented and work together as a team with your other DJ EXPERIENCE wedding professionals. 



 Contact us to make an appointment for a viewing session today in our comfortable showroom.


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