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  Alex Perez [DJ/MC] 

Alex Perez, also known as DJ Alex Perez, has been enamored with tunes ever since he was a little child. He was raised around music, from disco from the '70s through today's hip-hop, house, and funk. Alex, a veteran DJ with over 20+ years of experience, has a broad appeal that sets him apart from the competition. Alex is one of the few modern DJs who can lay claim to the technical mastery of the DJing art form. He has the musical sensibility to blend, scratch, chop, mix, spin, and combine these skills in ways that appeal to listeners of various socioeconomic backgrounds. He became one of the most influential and sought-after DJs in the industry because of his ability to seamlessly blend songs from a wide variety of genres. Alex Perez, a DJ, can play for a wide variety of audiences, from raves to galas. Because of his exceptional crowd-reading skills, he is widely regarded as one of the best DJs working today. The DJ Experience is owned and operated by DJ Alex Perez, who specializes in weddings and provides DJ services for private parties in the metro NJ/NY area. You may find him dancing along and mixing hard to offer musical joy to your ears as he displays an excellent grasp of Top 40, hip-hop, Latin, and house music.

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