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DJ Presz

Hugo lascano born in ecuador, brought to this country at the age of 7. Not knowing the language of the United states, he had a difficult child hood. At the age of 13 mastering the English language he got bitten by the music bug.  Raised by a single hard working mother he didnt have any way of owning his own musical equipment.  At the age of 14 one of his cousins that back in ecuador was in the dj industry came to the United states.  His cousin started working and with his first earnings bought himself a dj speaker with a mixer and a QSC amp.  At that time cds was the tools used to provide and mix music.  Hugo of course helped him install of of the equipments.  With the music bug inside of him, he started sneaking into his cousins room to play around with his dj equipment.  After getting a few classes and getting caught by his cousin, hugo started to get more and more practice learning on how to beat match and beat mix and that is where it all began.  Now hugo aka as Dj Presz is well known in the dj industry from clubs to weddings to concerts.  He brings an energy that doesnt match any other talent.  From emcee to dj hugo or Dj Presz as they know him will make your event a one of a kind because he is not only here to make you dance he is here to CREATE MEMORIES that will be forever in your thoughts. 

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